The Apostolate

For Research On Consecrated Life

Our Approach

With genuine interest and sincere concern and respect, this Apostolic Visitation was undertaken to:

• look into the quality of the life of apostolic women religious in the United States,
• learn more about the varied and unique ways in which women religious contribute to the welfare of the Church and society, and
• assist the Church to strengthen, enhance and support the growth of the more than 400 congregations to which the approximately 59,000 women religious in the United States belong.

The process included chronological phases, including an appeal to superiors general, documentation requested of U.S. major superiors, and on-site visitations.

Mother Clare and numerous visitation teams listened to the superiors and members of the religious communities through written communications and personal meetings. At the end of the Apostolic Visitation, Mother Clare submitted a confidential report to Cardinal Rodé, based on her observations and findings in all phases of the process.